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Why You Should Purchase a Domain Name?

Domains are not expensive at all. In fact, probably the equivalent of one coffee a month!

Using a domain name for yourself or your business makes it easier for people to search for you. Having your website on or places you higher in search results when people search for your company or your name. Search engines give more credibility to domain names than free hosted subdomains. In addition, it is also common for people to go to if they are trying to find you on the Web.

Having your own domain name helps your site appear more professional. There is a perception that websites hosted on their own domains are more professional than websites hosted on free subdomains. It shows your visitors that your take your business seriously and have built a brand around your company name.

Domain names are generally shorter making them easier for visitors to remember than free subdomains. This is especially helpful for word of mouth advertising; if people are trying to recommend your website to their friends. It is so much easier for them (and others) to remember then

Register your domain from the start. This is especially crucial for new businesses. Registering your domain name early helps with your branding from the start. You can start using it on business cards and for your email addresses. It helps create an identity that will last. Domain names are a very inexpensive but crucial part of your website.

Login and Register your Domain Name Today!

April Updates - Google Map, Redirects, Image Gallery

The Google Map Component is back!
You may not have even noticed, but due to some changes with Google’s API our Google Map Component was unavailable for a short time. If you already had this live on your site, the component was working, however you would not have been able to add any maps.  Everything has since been updated and a new Basic Google Map Component is now available.


New WWW 301 Redirect
Create a 301 redirect for your www subdomain, then when a user types in have it redirect to or vice versa. This can help with SEO as it tells the server you permanently want to redirect. Using a redirect like this will tell search engines you have one website.

You can create your WWW 301 Redirect by going to Manage Website > Site-wide SEO > Redirect.


New Fluid Image Settings for Cropped Image Gallery

When using a Cropped Image Gallery you can now choose Fluid Images - this means your images will scale to fit on desktop and mobile devices. You can choose the number of images per row for both Desktop and Mobile.

New Instagram Component

We have just launched a brand new Instagram component!

The Instagram component is jam packed with tons of settings to meet all your needs. Choose your layout options, gallery settings, slideshow rotation, number of images for large and small screens and more!

Try it out now!


New Divider Component

The new Divider Component allows to you add a line and space between other components on your site.

You can easily adjust the space between the top and bottom of components by dragging up and down. The color and thickness of the line can easily be adjusted in a simple editor. Try it out and let us know what you think!

New Spacer Component

Feeling a little stuffy? Need a little breathing room? We have just the right component for you - the Spacer Component!

The Spacer Component allows you to add and adjust space between the top and bottom of components.

Easily adjust the space by dragging up and down.

new spacer component


Like the theme in the screenshot? You are in luck. It's a brand new theme that we just added today!

new spacer component

New Film Roll Component

The brand new Film Roll Component lets you horizontally scroll through images. You can use arrows and/or navigation dots to navigate through images.

The Film Roll Component is swipe friendly!

New Text/Content Component Revisions

This much requested feature is finally here - Text/Content Component Revisions!

Your last 10 changes are now saved so you can revert changes on any Text/Content Component. That means if you accidently delete content you can undo it. Revisions can be found under the settings drop down.

A revision is created every time a save is made, the system keeps the last 10 revisions, these are your save points. When you select a revision your current content will be replaced by the revision. You can revert back by choosing the latest revision.

Please note: This feature is currently only available on the Text/Content Component.

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