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New Image Cropping Feature

This week we're unveiling our new Image Cropping Tool!

We've been working day and night the last few weeks and we hope that you love this first new feature as much as we do. The Image Cropping tool makes it so much easier to work with photos that before just didn't seem to fit quite right.

Let's take a look at replacing the main template graphic. When you place your mouse on the template graphic youwill see a modify option. Click on "Modify" which will open a box for you to select where the new image should come from. Choose from your own gallery, our ample stock photography gallery or upload image of your choice. 

Select the image that you want to use and click "Use Selected image". Now for the fun part! You will now be brought to the Crop and Resize feature. First, make sure "Crop" is "ON" before slicing and dicing this photo down to size! Resize the image how you would like it to appear on your site. Make the crop area bigger or smaller using the handles around the image, click and drag with your mouse to resize. You can also zoom in on the image by using the slider at the top of the page.


Remember that the width of the image box on your screen is the maximum width your image can be for the area you are placing it in. Dragging your crop area to fill the entire width of the box will fill the width of that area on your website.

In this case I want to crop the image to include only the building while removing the water from this shot. If you don't like the image you have selected you can click the "Change Image" at the top to select a different one.



When you are done, click "Insert Image." Still not happy with the way your image looks? Clicking modify on your header again will take you right back to where you were; in case you want to zoom your image in a little more or crop it slightly different. Don't like your image at all? Mouse over your theme image and click "Use Default" - this will revert your image back to the theme default.

Stay Tuned.  Next post will be about another new feature on Image Management!


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