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Improve ALL the things!

Once again we've been burning the midnight oil to produce some pretty nifty enhancements to the Jigsy builder.   Today we've released enhancements to our blogging service, editors and well... just about everything!  We're pretty excited about these updates as they address a number of concerns and suggestions that you've provided us with.  Let's take a look.

The first thing you may notice is that there's a whole new layout to the editors.  All of the same options are still there, but we've enhanced the interface for you.  We've moved the content templates  down from the top of the editor over to the left hand side.  This will give you more room to write out your posts and updates.  If you're not familiar with the "content template" functions, they allow you to easily set up paragraphs to work with or around photos, just as I'm doing in this paragraph.  Also, as you can see below, the editing tools are now pinned to the top of the editor now so they won't ever leave your sight again.

For you bloggers out there, we've introduced a feature you've all been asking for:  Auto-save!  Now when you're working on lengthy blog posts you won't have to worry about losing your unsaved changes to power outages, kids, gremlins, or any other sources of mischief and mayhem.   The auto-save option is enabled by default and will save a draft for you automatically every minute.   You can disable it if you like by clicking on a check box located at the bottom of the editor.   Yes, I did say "draft" back there.  You can save your changes as a draft if you're not quite sure that you like them, or if you simply don't have time to finish a post you started.   I'm heavily relying on this new feature already!  When you save as a draft the post will still show up in your editor, but it will be greyed out.  This will allow you to preview what it should look like when you go live.  

Here's what the post options look like:

You can see that there is a check box to toggle the auto save feature, and the buttons to save your post as a draft, or publish live if you're ready to show what you've got  to the world wide web.

But wait, there's more!

We've redesigned the way you add and move blocks on your pages.   We've replaced the old anchors with shiny, slick new ones.  This should give you a much cleaner interface to work with when adding new blocks to your pages.  The placement and function of each location on your page will now be clear as day.

We have also changed how your existing blocks will behave when you're moving an existing block to a new location.  Before, blocks would jump and shift around wildly as you tried to find the perfect new spot for your block.  No more.  Now the existing blocks will wait patiently for you to finish your action before they jump up and move to accommodate your change.  

That's all for this week!

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