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New Bravenet Web Apps component released!

Our latest release features a brand new component - the Bravenet Web Apps component! Just look for the following icon in the component list while adding a new component:

Long time users of Bravenet's Web Apps will love this component for how easy it makes adding any of their registered apps to their Jigsy site. For those not familiar with what Bravenet has to offer, check out and sign up for an account to access them. That's it! All that is required is to:

  • Sign up for a Bravenet account if you don't already have one
  • Register the app you want to use with your Jigsy site

As there are some apps such as the Message Forum that Jigsy doesn't currently offer an equivalent of, we suggest Jigsy users take a look at what apps are offered to see if there is an app you can use to enhance your site!

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