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Blog posts September 2012

A new component, safe mode editing and more!

Our latest release features a brand new component - Share Buttons - which displays icons from a variety of popular social networking sites that allow you to connect your site and it's pages to these networks! Just look for this icon in your component list:

We have also rolled out a handy new safe mode editing feature - this allows members to troubleshoot and manage troublesome code while having full functionality of the builder.  You can access safe mode by clicking the safe mode button when you are in the dashboard:

To get out of safe mode you can click the 'exit safe mode' button at the top of the Toolbar:


We have also enabled page specific site headers - you requested it and we have made it available!

Watch for new developments - there are many more exciting new features to come!

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More great features and enhancements launched!

Today marks the release of some new great features and enhancements for our site builder and components!

Among them are:

  • Custom keywords and descriptions for blog posts can now be created
  • Page layouts are now more prominent on the toolbar
  • Changing an image in the image editor retains image padding settings
  • Image editor auto-crops images extending past the boundaries
  • Newly uploaded files now added to the front of the folder
  • Uploaded images are now forced to have lowercase extensions - Eg. uploading my_image.JPG, will rename it to my_image.jpg before saving it to your folder
  • First page in dropdown is now always the homepage

This update enhances our already robust builder and suite of components based on member feedback and our desire to make it the best on the web! Further details can be found on our releases page as usual.

Watch for more developments to come, and contact us if you have any questions, comments, or feedback about our services!

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