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Blog posts March 2013

More brand new themes released!

Take a look at some fresh new themes we've just put together, which are now live and cover more site styles and requirements from our diverse group of members:

This is just a preview of course, and 9 more are included with this release! As always, if there are some themes you'd like to see us offer, or even changes to existing themes that would help your site look it's best, contact us - we'd love to hear from you!

In addition to these, this release included several bug fixes and enhancements for a better user experience and to improve performance and stability. More to come!

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More new themes and some tips and tricks

We've just put out a brand new release which adds 30 awesome new themes!

We've worked to come up with some fresh new ideas that we feel can be used by many members to add a special touch to their site's appearance - whether it be a corporate site, a site for your bed and breakfast, or one of several other personal/business themes. We encourage you to take a look and see if one of these will take your site to the next level! Not finding one that would make your site perfect? Get in touch and we'll see what we can whip up - we're always looking to expand our theme base for optimal variety - to offer something to everyone.

On the tips and tricks front - did you know you can now edit/delete credit card information? Just click on the 'Billing' heading after logging into your account and click on the "Manage Credit Cards" link - you'll then be taken to your list of cards - all of the cards you've used to make payments in this account:

Clicking the link will allow you to enter completely different card information if you want to simply change which card you're wanting to use in this account - for recurring billing, for example.

Watch for more tips and tricks in the future - some nifty things can be done with our mail services!

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What is Jigsy?

Jigsy is a Content Management System and Website Builder that allows you to easily build your own dynamic website, either by selecting one of our premade themes or make your own theme simply by using html and css.

Everything is hosted for you and all management and creation is done in your browser.


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