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Blog posts April 2013

New Responsive Themes

Responsive themes are finally here! We are so happy to announce that ten responsive themes also went live with today's new features.

What exactly are responsive themes? Responsive themes change layout based on the screen size of the media being used to view your website, meaning your visitors will be able to easily browse and navigate your website on their mobile devices as well as their computers.

Want to install one of these responsive themes? Simply look for the mobile icon when selecting your theme.


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Big primary navigation changes and font styling!

We're excited about the features included in today's new release and think you will be too when you see what they can do for your site! Here's what's new:

Enhanced font editor - we offered a version of this in a recent past release, but this release builds on those tools in a big way. Comprehensive control over all of your site's fonts in all of the areas you'd want control over is a click away - look for the Site Fonts button on your Toolbar.

Make a mistake? You can always revert your changes to the default settings, so don't worry - experiment and see what this new tool can do for your site!

Equally exciting is the new ability to create primary navigation dropdown menus! This has been a much anticipated feature and we're proud to offer it to you now.

To use this, mouse over your primary navigation area and click the edit button. Notice the new 'Add a Submenu' button on the left side? That's what you'll need to use to create a dropdown menu - simply drag it below an existing menu item on the right pane - where you want it to display amongst your other navigation links:

You'll then be able to label this dropdown item and choose whether or not the text should also serve as a link, or be unclickable and simply work to display the submenu items.

When you're done, you should see a structure such as this:

Save changes and take a look at your work - pretty cool, huh?

More to come, but we hope you enjoy these features and use them to make your site better than ever!

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New fonts manager and other powerful new builder tools!

We've published a new release today which adds some features requested by members as well as things we knew would help you build your website your way. Take a look!

  • Layouts are now more easily accessible via a dropdown on the Toolbar:

  • We've also included an awesome new Font Editor which will give you a wide range of management over the fonts used throughout your site:

  • Another notable new addition is image rotate buttons - you can find these in the file manager - just click on the edit icon after selecting any of your uploaded images:

 In addition to these, we've also improved YouTube video sizing, added the option of a CC address for the Email Form component and improved form field validation as well. This is in addition to some bug fixes and other little improvements and enhancements. Stay tuned for more!

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