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New Masonry Photo Galleries

We have added New Photo Gallery layouts.  Now you can choose from Grid layouts, or you can select a Masonry Gallery that displays your images in a Vertical or Horizontal Masonry style (like Pinterest).

And the new Masonry Gallery is Responsive, so the images will stack for smaller mobile devices.  How cool is that!

Select the Gallery Layout of your choice...

​Look at the result and modify it to your liking...

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Some More New Themes

We have added a bunch more responsive themes for you.  All of these are mobile friendly.  There are too many to show here, but here are a few...

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Website Inspiration for 2015

Check out these three wonderful websites made by Jigsy users!



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Lots of New Website Themes

We have created a pile of new themes for you!  Remember, you can change your theme at anytime and all your website content will stay intact.  So feel free to try out different themes.

Here are a few, but there are many!


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Edit CSS faster using live preview

Did you know that you can edit and preview custom CSS changes to your theme live in your web browser?

To take advantage of this new feature, just edit your theme CSS from the "Edit Theme" menu.

The window height is adjustable, and you can even inspect elements on the page while editing.

Your custom CSS changes can be tested and published faster than ever before!

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Huge Halloween sale is here!

Offer only available for new upgrades.

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New Background Editor Options

Have a look at the updated Background Editor.  You will love trying different background images or patterns to make your site perfect!

You can upload your own background image, or you can select one from our huge collection of Stock Photos (like we used in the examples below).


You will find the Background Editor under the Edit Theme dropdown in the toolbar. 


Here are some samples of what you can do...


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Colorful (or not) Maps!

Now you can choose from a variety of Map themes to best suit your website.

Now isn't that cool!

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Changing Hero Images

A lot of our themes have main "Header" images you can change.  And we have thousands of stock photos you can use or you can upload your own image.   

With some of our new themes, we have what we call a Hero image that stretches across the site.  You can pick a theme like that and change the image to be whatever you like.

Here is a quick example of us using some of our free stock photos (we have over 100,000!) to replace the Hero image...





To change the image on your site, just hover over the image and you will see an Edit Image box appear.  

Note:  You can have a different image on every page of your website!


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New Text Shadows

In the Font Editor, we have added a new feature for adding Text Shadows to your title fonts, subtitle fonts, navigation fonts, and more.

Here is a demo of what you can do...

 1) Here is the title with no drop shadow added.


2) Now there is a soft grey blurred drop shadow.


3) And here is a sharper green shadow in behind the text.


Have fun with your new Text Shadows!  

You can access the Fonts Editor under "Edit Theme" in the main toolbar.


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New User-Friendly Mobile Navigation

Our responsive themes now include a fantastic mobile navigation menu, making your website easier than ever to browse on any device.



Desktop view

Mobile view

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Lots of New Responsive Themes

Lots of great new themes!  All responsive and mobile friendly!

Did you know that you can change your website theme and any time and your site content will be there?  You switch to a different theme anytime! 

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New Image Gallery Features

There are now two awesome new "masonry grid" format thumbnail styles, which automatically tile each image like in the example above. You can select these in your Image Gallery Settings.


This looks especially fantastic using the new "Load images as user scrolls" option, also on the Settings page. As you scroll down a page, the Image Gallery will only load images as they can be seen. Not only does this increase page load speed, but it looks really cool!

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Two New Slideshow Components

You are going to love the new responsive Image Slideshow components we have just released!


Slice and dice with the new 3D Slideshow.  You can choose to go with vertical or horizontal slices, or both if you like!


The other Image Slideshow component has many transition settings.  You will just have to play to see what settings you prefer.  Fade, Slide, Rain, Blinds and more.

Oh, and we also added a bunch more Fonts to the builder.  So now you have way more to choose from to make that perfect website.

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Ecwid eCommerce components are now available for everyone

The Ecwid component in the eCommerce category can now be used by free Jigsy members, so adding a shopping cart has never been easier!

Ecwid (pronounced as “eck-wid”, short for “e-commerce widgets”), is a revolutionary shopping cart that seamlessly integrates with your existing website.

Although it’s packed with high-value features, Ecwid is absolutely FREE! You’ll pay no setup charges and no transaction fees, making it a no-cost, high-return solution for today’s e-commerce businesses.

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Website Inspiration for 2014

These four wonderful websites were built by our very talented Jigsy users!


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Four Fabulous Jigsy Websites

These websites were built by our very talented Jigsy users!


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10 Brand New Themes and One-Click Login

Today we released 10 fun new responsive themes. All of these great new themes are mobile optimized, and include many layouts to choose from.

Also starting today, you can register or login to your Jigsy account with one click using Facebook or Twitter!

To link or unlink Twitter or Facebook accounts, you can login to your Jigsy Dashboard and then click on the "Account / Plan" tab above your websites.

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New Blog Feature: Read More

Today we released a new feature for our blog: Read More!

Read more allows you to separate what displays on your main blog page and on the page of the actual post. 

To insert the read more, click the 'Read More' button.

Once you have inserted the read more all content below will be hidden unless you are on the page for the actual post.

Happy posting!

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Five Fantastic Jigsy Websites

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